Amazon & Twitch Prime Subscriber’s Can get a year of free Nintendo Switch Online.

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Amazon & Twitch Prime members can now claim a year of Nintendo Switch Online membership through a new limited-time promotion, but there are a few limitations attached to the offer and claiming the membership involves jumping through multiple hoops.

If you already use Amazon Prime, this is an easy freebie for you. Just head hereand claim the membership via the button at the top of the page. If you aren't interested in Amazon Prime, you won't be eligible for the latter nine months of Switch Online, but you can still get three months using the one-month Amazon Prime free trial. I tested the process myself, and while it is annoyingly complicated, it's worth it for the free sub. So, here's how to claim three months of Nintendo Switch Online via the Amazon Prime (and Twitch Prime) trial.

It's through the company's Twitch Prime service - which comes as an additional, free extra to Amazon's service anyway - but it is a little complicated to claim the full year.


A two part, two month process

First off, Twitch is clearly stating this is only available in certain countries. There's no official list of where you can get it, but we've heard of those claiming it in the US and in the UK.

Secondly, you'll have to claim the trial in two separate parts. If you head to the Twitch Amazon site you'll be able to claim this trial at any stage before September 24 this year, and it'll be for a three month period.

Then when you're 60 days through that trial, you'll have to head back to the same website to claim the additional nine months. Exactly why the service is doing it in this way is unclear, but you'll also have to provide payment details to sign up for the initial trial too.

By signing up to the trial, it'll automatically renew so we'd recommend making a note somewhere that you need to resign up for the second trial to ensure you don't end up paying for Nintendo Switch Online.

You'll also be able to cancel your trial altogether at any stage if you find you're not using it.

As an added benefit within the Amazon Prime package that already offers a variety of benefits including one-day delivery and access to the company's streaming service, this may prove useful for a lot of Switch owners.


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