5 Best Android Apps, Must installed in your Device

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Arround 3.5 Million apps are stored on PlayStore till now, not only is Mobile App Development moving in an upward trajectory but also making everyone so confused on which app to download and which performs the besy. So today I'm here to know you about the 5 Basic Mobile Apps you must install if you have bought new smartphone. Let's check that out.

1.Mx Player : Music player App

So basically, when you buy a device you all guys first of all install a music player to play some songs for checking the sound quality. Here is what i introduced with, It's Mx player which is so famous on Play Store as well as it gives us the better option of playing songs and also it's free with more on feature. Download it and know more by experiencing the App.

2.UC Browser : Web Browsing App

So you also need to download a browser app for browsing on internet. And UC browser is the best option for it, because it allows to not only surfing but also downloading video from internet. It's downloading speed it faster then other browser and it comes with the light themes interface. For more download this app now

3.SnapSeed : Photo Editing App

It's basically a Google Editing App for Google Operating System that is Android. There are to many reasons for why it got popular on editing field and why users always recommend this App. It comes with the very simple design and user friendly theme with style.This App is simple to use. the AI capabilities of the app is unmatched, with options like changing perspective and adding background blur. Snapseed is completely free to download and use and does not offer any in-app purchases or annoying ads. You can download Snapseed from here also checkout more information about android photo editing Apps.

4.Evie : Android Launcher App

This is an excellent launcher. Evie is a great combination of simplicity and usefulness which provides a refreshingly easy experience in terms of setup and use. The one thing which makes me reluctant to make the permanent switch from Nova (with sesame shortcuts) is the sporadic functioning of the 'frequent apps' feature in evie search. I wouldn't change anything about evie, i just need the frequent apps function to work as i rely on the search functionality to maintain a minimalist home screen. Download it now and experience it

5.B612 : Android Camera App

So, It's an Android Photography App, not only photography there are many more features in it like music feature and many more filters for photography and before downloading this app you can also check out the app reviews and more. Download it from here

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